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Xplor-Int an Off Highway Vehicles (OHV's) Training Centers

The official MSF, ASI, ROHVA off-road training academy in America

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Introducing the Adventure beginner rider work-shop for any size displacement adventure bikes (Like; Triumph Tiger 800XC, BMW R1200 GS, KTM 990 Adventure, Ducati Multistrada S1200, V-Strom DL650) and street legal dirt bikes. After your training you put your skills to work. 
Experience the beautiful back roads on a guided two day Adventure off road motorcycle Ride. The adventure off road motorcycle training begins at our training sites, with a skills clinic preparing the riders for their challenging adventure ahead.
Over the course of two days, riders will explore parts of various National/State Forests in the area. The adventure will be a true dual sport ride continually moving from twisty paved roads to a combination of gravel, dirt and bedrock roads.
Instructors will cover off road skills and pertinent topics in the clinic as well as at various points along the journey.
The Two Day Adventure off road motorcycle training is for beginners. Riders need to be comfortable riding at the speed limit on public roads. A large portion of the Tour is off road. The primary off road surface will be packed gravel (forest service roads). There will be opportunities along the way for more skilled riders to challenge their abilities on a bit more aggressive terrain. Riders should be prepared to ride 60-120 miles a day on mixed surfaces. Bellow our friend in Europe.

We provide adventure motorcycle, dirt bike training school, ATV school and ROHVA academy for group events or individuals at our Rider/driving Training Centers, with certified experienced RiderCoaches. We offer training courses, clinics and seminars throughout the year. Events can be different and unique in location. 
Some are free and some are paid. 
All our training is fully accredited and curriculum based. 

Our training location


Xplor Mission Statement 
To make Motorcycling, ATV, ROH's safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders/drivers, and by advocating a safer off-road riding environment.
Xplor Int provides a great option to get you Dirt Bike, ATV, ROHVA licensed/card to operate your OHV's on Federal, State land and various coal mine sites.

If you need a 
Dirt Bike, ATV, ROHVA licensed/card to operate a motorcycle on Federal and State land, we have 5 options from which to choose:

Closed Range Exercises (CRE) course for novice motorcycle drivers.
Introduction to Adventure Trail Riding (AITR) Course for the people who completed the (CRE) and have experienced rider off-road. ATV 
half-day RidersCourse, ROHVA Basic driverCourse and ROHVA Open Trail Experience. 


The Dirt Bike and Adventure motorcycle Beginner/Intermediate is divided into two activities.

Closed Range Exercises

The Closed Range Exercise (CRE) course was created to provide hands-on riding training with emphasis on safety and skill development. New riders, or others who want to improve their riding skill, will benefit from the (CRE) course thought by us certified MSF DirtBike school Coaches. During the school, students learn basic techniques for safely ridding off-highway motorcycles. 

Introduction to Adventure Trail Riding

Introduction to Adventure Trail Riding (IATR) is the next level of DirtBike school course designed to familiarize riders with riding off-road on actual trails. The (IATR) course builds on the knowledge developed in the (CRE) course and teaches more advanced riding skills. Our DirtBike Coaches will guide students through lessons at our off-highway riding sites.

The ATV Rider Course. 

The hands-on, half-day ATV RiderCourse is conducted by licensed ASI Instructors. It offers students an opportunity to increase their safety   knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

Students practice basic safety techniques with hands-on exercises covering starting and stopping, turning (both gradual and quick), negotiating hills, emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles. Particular emphasis is placed on the safety implications relating to each lesson. The course also addresses protective gear, environmental responsibility, and local laws. 

Participants receive the ATV RiderCourse Handbook, which reinforces the safety information and riding techniques covered during the ATV RiderCourse.

Individuals six years of age and older may take the class. Riders younger than 16 are restricted to ATVs that match their age according to the Manufacturer’s Minimum Age Recommendation Warning Labels affixed to each new ATV. There are special teaching provisions for students under 16 years old, and parents are encouraged to attend as well. Students younger than 12 must have a parent or guardian present during the entire course.

The ROHVA Driver Course is divided into two activities.

Basic DriverCourse

The ROV Basic DriverCourse is designed for current and prospective recreational off-highway vehicle users and is conducted by ROV DriverCoaches who are specially trained and authorized, to conduct the course. The RBDC is a partial-day program that has approximately three hours of riding time that includes between-exercise discussions. The RBDC includes six closed range exercises and up to seven optional open trail experiences, depending on terrain that is available. Also, participants use the ROV Tips & Practice Guide booklet (a takeaway document) that provides opportunities for discussion.

The RBDC is a training opportunity that provides current and experienced ROV users to learn and practice basic skills and techniques. It addresses basic operation and emphasizes safety awareness related specifically to ROV operation. The overall aim of the RBDC is to provide for driver development in the areas of skill and risk management strategies. This includes learning experiences to foster driver gains in basic knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits.

The Open Trail Experience

To further develop skills acquired in the Closed Range Exercise (CRE) module of the RBDC; the Open Trail Experience (OTE) allows drivers to apply the techniques on ‘real-world’ terrain, under the guidance of a certified ROHVA DriverCoach.

Gain the experience of driving on rocky and sandy terrain, fording water, and clearing obstacles such as hills, mud, and rocks. ROHVA’s Open Trail Experience allows the student drivers to hone their newly acquired skills under the guidance of a certified ROHVA DriverCoach.