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Xplor-Int an Off Highway Vehicles (OHV's) Training Centers

The official MSF, ASI, ROHVA off-road training academy in America

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Welcome to Xplor-Int an Off Highway Vehicles (OHV's) safety training centers. 

What we do is:

* Dirt Bike School, Dirt Bike Classes  

* Adventures Motorcycle Academy

* ATV School

* ROV Academy 

* UTV Safety Training Course

Welcome to Xplor-Int Dirt Bike School, Adventures Motorcycle Academy, ATV School and ROHVA Academy Training.

Xplor-Int is an off-road vehicles unique training company, that provides off road training and adventures unlike any other. We pride ourselves on being one of the original and best training schools in the world. Our acclaimed off road courses have stood out over the last decade for one simple reason – we offer a structured training program that is designed to instill the basic and advanced techniques for every aspect of off road riding. The Xplor-Int off road training programs aren’t about being pushed in at the deep end, they are about building technique and confidence hand in hand.

RiderCoach Alain Kaldewaay and his team have developed their own unique Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), ATV Safety Institute (ASI), The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROVHA) program for each level of the training, that has been developed and refined constantly to provide the best learning experience and most fun.

Our RiderCoaches are not just great off road riders with years of experience either, we put as much emphasis on their teaching abilities, techniques and skill. Being a great rider counts for nothing if you can’t convey your knowledge. We pride ourselves on our instructors and we are always learning and developing our own teaching abilities. We are one of the only schools in the world that has a dedicated MSF, ASI, ROHVA RiderCoach training program designed to help us all grow as off road RiderCoach and provide the best customer care, service and teaching environment we can.

Xplor-Int OHV's is based out of two locations and is the finest and most exclusive OHV's training facilities in the East of The United States, the spectacular, National/State Forest locations in PA, MD, are epic. Unique not only in it’s vast size, but also the variety of terrain and fantastic all weather abilities, The National/State Forest Arena is another reason that Xplor-Int OHV's adventures stands out. 

In these course, we will start with basic items such as proper riding position, balance, clutch and throttle control working through a progression of skills exercises to help you become more confident on your OHV's on different surfaces and negotiating obstacles. These classes will give you the fundamental skills to build your confidence and allow you to better enjoy your riding/driving whether it’s a day’s jaunt down an old dirt road or a journey around the world.
Riders/drivers also will be able to put their newfound skills to use on rides with the instructors through our National Forest areas. Riders/drivers are required to wear FULL protective gear including helmet, gloves, a jacket or similar with elbow, back and shoulder protection, knee protection and boots that protect the ankle and shin. Knobby tires are highly recommended. Riders/drivers should be proficient in the operation of an OHV's. 
In order to provide a personalized level of attention, class size is limited. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and reserve your spot early as our previous events have sold out. 
We provide adventure motorcycle, dirt bike training school, ATV school and ROHVA academy for group events or individuals at our Rider/driving Training Centers, with certified experienced RiderCoaches. We offer training courses, clinics and seminars throughout the year. Events can be different and unique in location. 
Some are free and some are paid. 
All our training is fully accredited and curriculum based. 




Students should get a good night's sleep prior to class.
Students that successfully complete a course will at a minimum receive an MSF DirtBike School completion card and the Tips and Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist booklet; riders under 16 will also receive the Parents, Youngsters and Off Highway Motorcycles booklet.  

MSF Dirt Bike School Details
Length: 8 hours (1 day)
Age: 6 years old - Adult.
Class Sizes: 
Ages 6 - 11: Maximum of 4 students.
Ages 12 - 15: Maximum of 6 students.
Ages 16 and older: Maximum of 8 students.
Note: Ages 6 - 11 cannot be taught with other age groups except in family/group classes.

Motorcycle dirt bike, ATV or vehicle use upon request. 

Please allow enough time to be at the class on time, late arrivals will not be admitted and forfeit their tuition. Student Rider has sole responsibility for the cost of repair, damages or replacement on loaner dirt bike, ATV or vehicle. Mishaps labor cost is charged at $70.00 per hour plus cost of OEM part.

Required: DOT-rated full face helmet, jacket, long sleeve shirt, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots (no sneakers). CamelBak, plenty of water, lunch and snacks, camping chairs, are recommended for all seasons. Bathroom facilities on location and this is an outdoor riding farm environment. 

Above: One of our Two Day CRE and IATR Adventure Classes in 2013