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Time is TBD


DirtBike School. PA, 19362

One-On-One Private DirtBike Lessons

Closed Range Exercise Training Dirt Bike PRIVATE LESSONS, What is included: training, dirt bike, and Off-road (CRE) completion card.

One-On-One Private DirtBike Lessons
One-On-One Private DirtBike Lessons

Time & Location

Time is TBD

DirtBike School. PA, 19362, 265 Fremont Rd, Nottingham, PA 19362, USA

About the event

Please Read Frequent Asked Question Before Purhasing a Ticket

Bike use is include with the training.

Training is conducted on weekdays, please email for avaible dates and times: 

The Closed Range Exercise (CRE) course was created to provide hands on riding training with emphasis on safety and skill development. New riders, or others who want to improve their riding skill, will benefit from the (CRE) course thoughtby us certified MSF DirtBike school Coaches. During the school, students learn basic techniques for safely ridding off-highway motorcycles.

1 Class Welcome/Introduction

Introduction of coaches and other students

Importance of personal protective gear

Proper motorcycle setup

Pre-ride inspection

2 Range Signals, Rules and Warm-up Exercises

Know the range signals

Rules of riding on the range

Warm up and stretching

3 Controls

Proper use of protective gear

Correct mounting and dismounting procedure

Correct posture

Proper operation of controls

4 Engine Start/Stop

Use of FINE-C procedure to start the engine

Proper shutdown procedure

5 Moving the Motorcycle

Accurate clutch/throttle usage

Control of the motorcycle

Smooth motion while starting and stopping

Head and eyes up, looking ahead

Knees in against tank

Smooth brake application

6 Starting/Stopping Drill

Smooth, controlled starts, using friction zone

Controlled, accurate stops, using both brakes

7 Riding Posture

Proper foot placement

Correct standing posture

Eyes and head up

Smooth clutch and throttle control

Maintain control of motorcycle

8 Shifting

Use proper procedures and techniques when shifting

Coordinate clutch and throttle control

Match engine speed with motorcycle speed

Ease clutch out smoothly for downshifting

9 Lower Body Control

Correct riding posture

Steady, smooth throttle

Look ahead

Initiate turn using lower body

Maintain adequate following distance

10 Turning

Correct riding posture

Slow prior to turning

Look through the turn

Lean motorcycle into turn

Maintain adequate following distance

11 Riding Management

Discussion Lesson - No Riding

State causes of motorcycle mishaps

Name a strategy to help manage risk

Identify terrain variables that influence decisions

12 Turning and Gap Selection

Correct riding posture

Look through turns

Proper weight shift

Smooth throttle control

Smooth shifts

Maintain safe following distance

Use SEE strategy to reduce risks

13 Counterbalancing

Proper standing rider posture

Look ahead

Lean motorcycle in the direction of turn

Weight outside footpeg

Upper body positioned on outside of turn

Use clutch/throttle to maintain directional control

14 Riding over Obstacles


  • DirtBike Lessons One-On-One

    Closed Range Exercise Training Dirt Bike PRIVATE LESSONS, What is included: training, dirt bike, and Off-road (CRE) completion card. Please Read Frequent Asked Question Before Purhasing a Ticket.

    Tax: +$31.80 Tax+$14.05 service fee



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